Site Operations Manager(Engineer / HVAC system Specialist)

Даты: 11 янв - 08 фев
Местоположение: Баку
Форма занятности: Полный
Образование: Бакалавр
Языки: English
Электронная почта:
Инженерия:  Инженер Строительство:  Инженер-архитектор Супервайзер / Руководитель Строительная инженерия

UFAZ Site Operations Manager
(Engineer / HVAC system Specialist)


Position Description:

Field of work

  • Heritage, logistics, prevention and maintenance.


Position name

  • Engineer.


Function exercised

  • On site operational and maintenance responsible.


Position in the organizational structure

  • Attached to the management of the French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ), under the supervision of the Head of
  • Facilities. Technical manager of buildings SP1 and SP2 for a total surface of approximately 7000 m².

Job Description

  • Planning, organizing and managing the technical tasks of SP1 and SP2 buildings and equipment in close relationship with the service providers in order to respect the continuity of services for users at the building level and didactic models (for example chemical engineering benches).
  • Achieving the first levels of maintenance with the help of the internal team and knowing how to diagnose technical problems in order to handle heavier interventions.
  • Checking that the contractual aspects are respected. To be the guarantor of the maintenance of the good settings of the installations in all the technical fields (HVAC, electricity, SSI, elevator, sanitary…etc.).



  • Control the operation and performance of installations and equipment in collaboration with external service providers. Check daily that the performance of buildings in terms of energy and functionality are respected;
  • Establish, develop and actively participate in the maintenance and monitoring of information in CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management) to improve reliability and data and improve responsiveness;
  • Ensure the reporting in close relationship with the Management;
  • Organize and guarantee the maintenance of the performance and quality of the building;
  • Propose, justify and manage the continuous improvements of the functionalities of the building such as its air and water tightness for better performances, the internal processes closely related to the field of thermal engineering;
  • Establish and enforce local maintenance planning;
  • Management of the technical teams of SP1 and SP2 sites about 3-4 people.



Knowledge of the work environment

  • CVC / HVAC domain techniques (general knowledge);
  • Knowledge in Multi-Technical Fields (General Knowledge);
  • Knowledge in regulation and metrology (general knowledge);
  • Knowledge of regulation of institutions receiving public, laboratories (general knowledge);
  • Equipment installation and maintenance techniques (in-depth knowledge);
  • Techniques for optimizing the conduct of installations (general knowledge);
  • Fire safety regulations for public buildings (general knowledge);
  • Safety standards and procedures (general knowledge);
  • Construction regulations (basic concepts).


Operational Know-how

  • Management of a site team;
  • Diagnostic of problems on technical installationsⅦ;
  • Organization, planning, maintenance and correction work with cost control;
  • Control of the external companies;
  • Application of the norms and standards of the University;
  • Quality of listening and exchange;
  • Possess adaptability;
  • Adapt and take an interest in all building trades;
  • Taking initiatives;
  • Organization of the work and sharing it with the various interlocutors;
  • Communication with the users and managers of the components.


Specialization and diploma:
Engineer Degree or Bachelor Degree in industrial / tertiary, fluid thermal or electrotechnical maintenance.
Compulsory knowledge of English.

Environment and context of the work:

Description of the French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ)

UFAZ was initiated by the Presidents of the French Republic and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since September 2016, directed by the University of Strasbourg and by the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, in close partnership with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, UFAZ undertakes the delocalization of 4 specialties at
bachelor level in the fields of science and engineering. Students are delivered a French and an Azerbaijani diploma.


Hierarchical relation:
The position is under the Direction of the Head of Facilities of UFAZ.


Particularities of the position:
Availability and responsiveness according to the interventions to be performed.
One-off tasks in staggered working hours in the morning, evening, night, week-end (upon emergencies).

Send materials via e-mail to: specifying the Job Title in the subject line "Site Operations Manager(Engineer / HVAC system Specialist)/".

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