Construction Project manager  (International Company)

Даты: 24 дек 2018 - 22 янв
Местоположение: Баку
Форма занятности: Полный
Опыт: 3 - 5 года
Языки: Azerbaijani Russian
Электронная почта:
Строительство:  Управление проектами строительства

Construction Project manager  (International Company)


Salary (Depends of Candidate)

Education and experience:

  • 3-5 year degree in Construction Degree, planning, engineering, construction management
  • 3-5+ years of work experience in International  construction Company
  • Experience of Planning of project cost as plus
  • Experience as MEP as plus
  • Have experience in the supervising and installation of elevator equipment
  • Certificate Project Management as+
  • Primavera ,MS Project
  • Professional MS Office user
  • Azeri & English (Professional Level),Russian Elementary.


Personal skills:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • High level business Ethics
  • Ability to manage a large project.



Project manager manages the interface with all key stakeholders during the project. He/she plans,directs and coordinates the activities of designated projects to ensure that project objectives are accomplished within the agreed schedule and budget, using approved  company methodologies and tools.

2. Responsibilities and key activities

This section includes the responsibilities and key activities that the Project manager is either accountable for, or responsible to execute.

Project manager’s responsibilities depend on the project, its size and complexity and relevant business process.

In the Major Projects Business for smaller projects where there is no Installation supervisor involved, the Project manager carries out the Installation supervisor’s activities as well


Responsibilities and key activities

Project Management Generic

  • Accountable for completing the project safely, on time and within budget
  • Accountable for stakeholder satisfaction and managing their expectations
  • Accountable for effective collaboration and communication with and between stakeholders
  • Accountable for project cost control
  • Manages projects from K0) to project closure (K6)
  • Accountable for variation and scope management and claims
  • Responsible for project “hand over”:
  • Accountable for creating the project plan and executing the project
  • Responsible for full chain scheduling in company  (sharing the plan)
  • Responsible for getting stakeholder approvals where required
  • Takes care (with his/her team) of the administrative activities of the project including project reports.
  • Controls the material and inventory and takes care of the claim analysis
  • Performs subcontractor qualification, evaluation and selection
  • Negotiates sub-contractor scope, terms and rates, instigates purchase orders and certifies bills


Project Management Specific to MPB

  • Responsible for the project safety plan, quality plan, labour plan and logistics plan.
  • Responsible for site methodology and execution.
  • Responsible for the project’s financial result.
  • Triggers invoice and collection process on time.
  • Responsible for Project Start Up meeting.
  •  Responsible for monthly project reviews, project audits, handovers and final closure.
  • To use COMPANY  project management communication tools.


Leadership / People management

  • Plans manpower for the project (headcount and the right competence level)
  • Secures and retains appropriate talent for project execution
  • Identifying and facilitating project related change management activities
  • Leads the multifunctional project team and manages performance
  • Communicates project goals, gives feedback on the performance and coaches.
  • Creates and maintains safety and security awareness amongst employees and subcontractors.

Ensures company's safety and security policies.

3. Performance measures

Performance measures

Project manager - Role Description

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  • The completion of a project to an agreed schedule and within an approved budget and/or financial result with zero lost-time accidents.
  • Adherence and/or improvement of to established and approved  company project management methodologies and tools
  •  The deviations to the stakeholders’ requirements (contract and specification) are within agreed levels.
  • Timely presentation of reports as determined by the contract or by the company  management
  • Stakeholder and  company Management feedback on performance.
  • The pre and post calculated margin variance is within the agreed tolerance given by the

management team or steering group (MPB).

  • The management of the project cash-flow to plan (MPB).
  • Costs due to work variations not caused by the company  organization activities are fully awarded by the customer or other parties (MPB).
  • The WIP coverage is according to the plan through timely recovery of progress payments (MPB).

4. Competence profile

4.1 Behavioural competences

Collaboration competence (company leadership and general competences)

Shares information

widely. Treats others with dignity and respect. Respects different needs and viewpoints. Creates

trust and a sense of team spirit. Maintains confidentiality and holds to agreements. Admits own

mistakes. Obtains co-operation by active listening and sensitivity towards situations and people.

Establishes strong working relationships and effective internal and external networks. Achieves

consensus, closes deals or discussions with clear understanding of agreement.

Execution (company leadership competences)

Turns strategy into objectives and actions. Accepts and provides demanding goals. Leads the team

and individuals with attention to detail. Clearly communicates the team’s direction, provides support

and follow through. Identifies and secures needed resources and delegates work appropriately to

others. Communicates clear expectations and takes action when individuals fail to meet them.

Shows energy, discipline, drive and determination.

Decision Making competence ( company leadership competences)

Is committed to own area of responsibility and contributes to the overall business. Identifies issues

and makes timely, tough and objective decisions, also under pressure. Stands by decisions and

takes responsibility for them. Takes calculated risks.

Winning together competence (company leadership competences) Inspires, energizes and

coaches the team and individuals and celebrates success. Empowers and gets the best out of

others. Keeps difficulties in perspective and demonstrates an optimistic attitude towards work.

Provides prompt feedback. Develops high-performing talent. Promotes diversity as a strategic

competitive advantage.

Customer Focus (company leadership and general competences

Is curious about customer’s business and willing to understand their challenges. Take’s customer’s

perspective and is prepared to engage to their business. Takes customer complaints seriously and

looks for ways to improve customer service. Ensures prompt and efficient service. Strives to exceed customer’s expectations.

Analysis and problem solving (company general competences) Distinguishes between important

information and irrelevant or minor details. Analysis information in a logical and systematic way.

Identifies the cause or causes of a problem. Proposes practical solutions to address identified

problems. Explores a range of possible solutions.

4.2 Professional requirements

  • Certified PMI project manager or agreed equivalent

Project manager - Role Description

4.3 Entry-level requirements

  • Fluency of English (Major Projects) plus local language (company Way)
  • 3-5 years of Project Manager experience (Major Projects) ( 1-3 for COMPANY  Way)
  • General Project Management methodology and tool knowledge.

4.4  Company specific issues – always need to be trained

  • Company Project Management methodology
  • Company  Safety regulations and/or Company  security policies
  • Knowledge of Company  mainstream business processes and financial systems
  •  Installation methods (MPB) – Depth of knowledge required depends on the size, complexity and scope of the project and the project management team.
  • Spare parts and maintenance process and methods (MPB) – Depth of knowledge required
  • depends on the size, complexity and scope of the project and the project management team.
  • In Modernization Projects: Modernization process (MPB) – Depth of knowledge required
  • depends on the size, complexity and scope of the project and the project management team.
  • MS Project plus other relevant applications (e.g. Sharepoint, SAP, MS Project server etc) needed on the project.

5. Document Application

This document summarizes the key responsibilities of Project manager.

This document is applicable to Project manager in the Elevator and Escalator businesses across all the Business Lines and reference organization structures unless otherwise stated.

Candidates are required to submit their CVs (Word format+ Photo).Please indicate the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the application email and send to e-mail address:

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