Даты: 06 дек - 04 янв 2019
Местоположение: Баку
Форма занятности: Полный
Опыт: 1 - 2 года
Языки: Azerbaijani Russian English
Электронная почта: hr@valuecollection.az
Телефон: 994507448578
HoReCa (Туризм, Гостиницы, Рестораны):  Официант


Main Duties:

  • To provide excellent customer service;
  • To greet customers and answer their questions in a friendly, conversational manner;
  • To take orders and to make sure that orders will be ready on time;
  • To set up tables according to the Standards before guests come;
  • To provide room service If needed.



  • 1-2 years experience in the hotel;
  • Good knowledge of MS Office programs, Hotel Operating Program knowledge is advantage;
  • High level of written and verbal English, Russian and Azeri;
  • Must have excellent communication skills, ability to resolve problems rapidly, ability to manage time and stress during working day;
  • Must have analytical mind, ability to analyze  difficult situations and  respond   them in time.

Working schedule:
Schedule is shift.


The Hotel is located in Baku. Interested candidates are welcome to send their CVs to
hr@valuecollection.az by indicating “Waiter / www.azerjobs.com” in the subject line of the letter.

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