Operation Manager  in Construction Field (Civil Construction Project)

Даты: 05 дек - 03 янв 2019
Местоположение: Баку
Форма занятности: Полный
Образование: Бакалавр
Опыт: 3 - 5 года
Электронная почта: info@germesconsulting.com
Телефон: 994503149720
Банковское дело:  Operations manager Top management:  Консалтинг

Operation Manager  in Construction Field (Civil Construction Project)

  • Salary (Depends of Candidate)


Location : Construction  Site

Education and experience:

  • 5 year degree in Construction Degree, planning, engineering, construction management;
  • 5+ years of work experience in International  construction Company;
  • Experience of Planning of project cost as plus;
  • Experience as MEP as plus;
  • Have experience in the supervising and installation of elevator equipment;
  • Certificate Project Management as+;
  • Primavera, MS Project as+;
  • Professional MS Office user;
  • Azeri & English (Professional Level).


Personal skills:

  • Leadership Skills;
  • Time Management Skills;
  • Management Skills;
  • Excellent Communication Skills;
  • High level business Ethics;
  • Ability to manage a large project.


Job Decriptions

Coordinate Bid Process

  • Once of the most important duties of an operations administrator is to coordinate the bidding process. When a large-scale building project is advertised, the job is put out to tender. This means that construction companies can submit estimated bids for their firms to complete the project. A construction operations administrator is responsible for coordinating all the estimates of labor and materials from the company's different departments -- including such positions as bricklayers, laborers and plumbers -- and combines them into one coherent package. He will then prepare a time schedule based on the estimates provided and submit that schedule with the bid. Once selected to complete the project, it is the duty of the construction operations administrator to monitor the progress of the construction.


Monitor Progress

  • The construction operations administrator must monitor the progress of each individual aspect of the construction project. To do this, she will meet with the construction manager to discuss any delays or additional costs that may occur. The construction operations administrator will then update the timeline of the project and inform the client of any significant changes. To ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget, the administrator may visit the construction site in person. However, she is not responsible for resolving problems or conducting tests of the standard of work. She will simply make observations and report back on the progress made.


Manage Invoices

  • A construction operations administrator is responsible for preparing invoices and ensuring that they are sent out in a timely manner. In construction projects, it is common for the fee to be paid in increments, allowing the construction company to purchase materials for the job. It is the administrator's duty to ensure funds are received by a certain time and that, upon completion, the balance is paid in full. If there are any changes to the estimated costs of the project, the administrator will inform the client and edit the project accordingly.


Candidates are required to submit their CVs (Word format+ Photo).Please indicate the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the application email and send to e-mail address: germescenter@inbox.ru   info@germesconsulting.com.


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